BUSM/BUSD Liquidity

Make sure to add the BUSM address below: 0x6216B17f696B14701E17BCB24Ec14430261Be94A
Follow the guide below to add liquidity to our BUSM/BUSD pool!
Great, you now have BUSM! Next step is to purchase the BUSD to pair with your newly acquired BUSM. If you already have your other half of the investment in BUSD, skip this step.
  • Head to Pancakeswap here and convert your tokens to BUSD. Example, if you have 500 BUSM, purchase 500 BUSD.
Time to add liquidity! Follow the below steps.
  • Navigate to this page (auto filled BUSM/BUSD) and enter how much you would like to provide. (Hit "MAX" by one of the tokens)
  • Click "Supply" and then approve the transaction.
Once the transaction goes through you have provided liquidity to the pool, congratulations!